What the future holds for Simply Simon's Cheesecakes

  "simply the best cheesecake you've ever eaten"

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Simply Simon's Cheesecakes

Simply Simon's Cheesecakes is in the process of building a new start, a future filled with growth, long term goals & to become the next great food brand for all of America to enjoy.  We have put together a small dedicated team to start what will become the next great empire in the dessert industry.   

Starting with wholesale business, we intend to flood the market, selling to hotels, restaurants, banquet halls, coffee shops, venues and any other food establishment that prides themselves on quality.  Once we have established ourselves on the wholesale end we plan to get on the road to reach out to our retail customers, introducing The Simply Simon's Cheesecake Food Truck.  This will give us the ability to reach all across Chicago land & surrounding suburbs, to let everyone know who Simply Simon's Cheesecake is all about.   

Creating brand awareness is key to our success, utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many other sources of social media, we plan on generating a flowing of fellow cheesecake lovers.  Once we've accomplished a social media presence, next is to launch our Kick Starter crowd funding campaign to aid in our capital investment to generate the capital to launch our Simply Simon's Cheesecake food truck, retail website store and our other cheesecake related ventures.

We invite you to follow us on Facebook, Twitter,Instagram to find out more about us, be on the look out for sample tasting in the months to come, charity events, fundraising, progress on the food truck, how you can help and much more.

Thank you to all our long time loyal customers we have had over the years, your support has what kepted us going, also to our new customers that will join us soon.  This has been a long road, a long time coming, in hopes that the day comes soon that we can get out there and share with you all,

Simply Simon's Cheesecakes  

"simply the best cheesecake you've even eaten"